Foto POS-R: Personal Outcome Scale an international Network




POS-R: Personal Outcome Scale an international Network

The project aims to constitute a network of users of the Personal Outcomes Scale Internationally.

Almost 12 years from the creation of the Personal Outcome Scale (POS) an international network is created to connect, share practices and improve the use of the instrument at client, organizational and policy level. Translations in more than 14 languages were made and also a POS version for Children and Adolescents (POS-C) and a version for Elderly people (POS-O) was completed.

Next to this several international researches have been done in which the POS was used to measure outcomes. And also research regarding the validity and reliability of the POS itself has taken place in the previous years.

The POS nowadays is used in several countries by different organizations (mainly organizations supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities). Each of these organizations share the same vision and that is working on improving the quality of life of people.

The project aims to: create an network and a community of practice for students, clients and organizations to affiliate and share experience of POS use; develop a shared format to collect data from the POS at qualitative and quantitative level internationally; aggregate the international data to improve and update the instrument; develop guidelines and best practices to sue the results and data of the POS at Client, Organizational and Policy level.

POS-R is een onderzoeksproject van het onderzoekscentrum EQUALITY ResearchCollective.


01/09/2020 - 25/09/2022