Foto You turn me: similarities and differences in art and anthropology

You turn me.


You turn me.

You turn me: similarities and differences in art and anthropology

During this research, the relationship between artistic and anthropological practices is explored, resulting in various cross-cultural creations. Unlike the existing theoretical discourse, in which various authors criticize neocolonial assumptions of artistic projects about the "other" (see Geertz 1988; Foster 1995; Irving 2006), I conduct my research bottom-up by comparing artistic and anthropological practices derived from my personal work. Most of the authors discussing "the ethnographic turn in contemporary art" (Hall Foster 1995) analyze the end result from which they argue ethnographic relevance. In contrast, my research starts from artistic practices where theoretical criticism serves as inspiration. This postdoctoral project therefore offers a study of a visual social intervention that emphasizes process rather than the final outcome as the subject for research (van. Dienderen, 2008). During this research the basic elements of ethnographic method are applied: self-reflection, interaction, participation, feedback, contextualization, questioning essentializing and Eurocentric categorization. 

Specifically, two trajectories will be realized: (1) Dog of Flanders: this project examines the perception of Flanders in Japan, United States and Great Britain based on a 19th century novella; (2) Scattering of the fragile cherry blossoms: is a long-term artistic research project that deals with exoticism, resistance and impermanence in the Japanese subculture, otaku. The quasi-invisibility of translation takes a central place here. The content of both trajectories leads to cross-cultural and diverse forms: documentaries, short film/installation, publications (monographs, chapters in edited volumes and articles international journals), postcards, photographic essays, exhibitions, and academic paper presentations.

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An van. Dienderen


Hans Op De Beeck, Rik Pinxten (UGent), Christel Stalpaert (UGent)


1/09/2008 - 5/01/2015



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